Date: 27/05/2016 – 30/05/2016

Instructors: Konstantinos Vasilakis and Kostas Petrakis

Available spots: 8

Tuition Costs: 200 euro per person*

Seat reservation deadline 20/05/2016

*Transportation to and from the location of the workshop isn’t included in the fees nor is accommodation and meals.


During the course of those 4 days you will have the change to get in touch with wild Greece. Explore and photograph one of the most beautiful and picturesque mountain of Greece at alpine altitudes enjoying streams lakes and majestic peaks. The participants will have the chance to:

-          Have two of the best Greek landscape photographers at their disposal sharing their knowledge about landscape photography

-          Learn both basic and advanced techniques used in landscape photography in an environment suited for epic landscapes

-          Learn how to use filters such as, neutral density for long exposures, graduated for balanced exposures, and be creative with polarizing filters.

-          Weather permitting practice astrophotography in remote locations away from any light pollution

-          Master techniques like manual blending and focus stacking

-          Learn how to use luminosity masks, todays standard in digital workflow

-          Benefit from the daily review of their progress, and spend 4 days talking about landscape photography

-          Enjoy a hot cup of coffee at 2000 meters with an unparallel view.


Friday 27/05/2016
All participants meet at the village of Mikro Papingo where we will begin our ascent towards the Astraka refuge. (Transportation of gear and baggage by mules is available for whoever wishes at a small fee.)
Arrival at the refuge for a small meal and conversation about landscape photography, our needs, goals and various shooting techniques we will be practicing the following days followed by dinner.

Saturday 28/05/2016
Early morning start and exploration until noon where we will return at the refuge for a small meal and some rest. Evening photographing session and return to the refuge at night for dinner and review of the images we have created that day.

Sunday 29/05/2016
Repeat of the previous day program visiting new places or revisiting places that we marked as interesting the previous day.

Monday 30/05/2016
Early morning photography session, return to the refuge for breakfast and review of the images we have created throughout the workshop followed by a small Photoshop lesson about the techniques we have been practicing the past days. Descend to the village of Mikro Papingo, where the workshop will finish.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further enquiries you might have.

The number of participants is kept to a minimum eight so that the instructors can focus their attention on every individual depending on their needs and knowledge.

-          Our stay will be at the mountain refuge of Astraka at an elevation of 1950 meters and the only access is on foot. Accommodation prices are 12 euro a bed per night. Meal prices can be found at their website at (

-          There is a dedicated space for anyone wishing to camp under the stars though anyone wishing so should bring their own gear.

-          The refuge will provide blankets and pillows, anyone wishing to bring a sleeping bag or liners is welcomed to do so

-          For your own ease transportation of gear by mules can be arranged as explained before. Cost 40 euro per mule per 4 persons

-          The refuge offers an organized kitchen so anything anyone needs can be provided for within reason of course

-          Water is available both from the refuge and from mountain springs located near where we will roam

-          For the duration of the course participants need to have with them the following photography items

  • A sturdy tripod and a camera with lenses both wide angle and telephoto
  • A backpack for carrying gear
  • Memory cards
  • Batteries plus extras and their charger. The refuge has power for two hours every day from 20:00 to 22:00 so we will have the chance to charge our appliances.

-          The refuge is located on a ridge and the weather can be upredictable. Temperatures expected are from -2 degrees centigrade to fifteen degrees centigrade at noon, maybe more when clear skies. We will be exploring above the tree line at alpine conditions so the following mountaineering gear is highly recommended.

  • Base layer wool or synthetic long sleeve or short sleeve according to preference
  • Mid layer fleece or down jacket
  • Outer shell rainproof and windproof as we might experience high winds frequent that time of year
  • Hiking boots preferably waterproof
  • Warm socks and an extra pair to carry with you if you manage to get your feet wet
  • Hat, beanie or both, gloves
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Walking sticks
  • Head lamp
  • NO cotton fabrics, NO jeans.

-          Anyone with a medical condition should contact the instructors prior to booking and anyone taking medicine should have their medicine with them plus backup and also notify the instructors.

-          As mentioned above physical condition should be moderate as we are not expected to walk for long periods of time apart from getting to and from the refuge.

-          Cell reception apart from the surrounding area of the refuge is minimal to nonexistent so the participants must always follow the instructors and never deviate from course. Wildlife is present in the area though scarce therefore some caution should be practiced.

-          Both the instructors have a wealthy knowledge of the mountain so please feel free to contact for any other information you might need.

-          In order to book a spot a small deposit of 50 euro is required non refundable if you decide to cancel after the participation deadline. (20/05/2016)

The LightExplorers team

Konstantinos Vasilakis                                                                                   Kostas Petrakis                                                                     

Personalized  tuition

Personalized tuition courses are a service that I offer to people living in the area near me or have arrange a trip and want to combine it with a day or two learning more about landscape photography. I am fortunate enough to call home one of the most picturesque areas in Greece, the “Zagori” region which offers some unique landscapes and vistas. The courses are designed to be date and time flexible according to the photographers specific need and level of ability. It can include a simple drive to places accessible by road, a moderate hike in the woods or a lengthy trek in the alpine zone of mount “Tymfi”, and mount, “Smolikas”  which are all located in a relatively close distance from my home.

What this personal tuition guarantees the participant is the undivided attention of the instructor thus a better understanding of scouting for a location, photographic techniques like the use of filters and taking advantage of the available light. However the option of sharing the tuition cost with a fellow photographer is available. For a group greater than two a special arrangement must be made.

All transport is provided for in the cost of the tuition and I would be able to pick up and drop off from anywhere in and around Ioannina on the commencement date. A typical tuition day is between 8 to 12 hours depending on the time of year but since landscape photography is all about the weather should it proves to be unfavorable, when no accommodation is required, ie. single day courses, then it may be cancelled at the discretion of the participant without any financial penalty and a later date can be set.

The rates of the single day tuition are as follows. The variation in cost takes account of any additional fuel requirements of getting to and from the chosen location.

  • Ioannina city – lake Pamvotis      €100
  • Zagori region                                     €150
  • Smolikas mountain                         €150
  • Tzoumerka mountain                      €150

If a participant requires to stay overnight near the specific location an additional nightly fee of the amount of €35 is charged. Extending the stay overnight will add the benefit of being in the chosen location before the sunrise enabling to take advantage of the best light at both ends of the day. Please remember that the above refer to the tuition fees only and the cost of accommodation and meals both for the client and the instructor is the responsibility of the client. The exception being Ioannina city – Lake Pamvotis where I am able to stay at my place therefore no accommodation or meal costs will be required.

If you would like to take advantage of the Personal  Tuition or if you have any further questions you can contact me using this form