Expessing myself without a camera

A round of applause for Nikolas Lotsos

Yesterday night, Saturday the 9th, the most prestigious black and white competition dropped the curtain by announcing the categories winners and grand overall winners of their 7th annual competition. I was nominated with one picture in the Architectural category but this post isn’t about me.

It is all about Nicolas Lotsos a good friend of mine who was nominated in four categories, won the 1st place- outstanding achievement in the wildlife category and also was judged to be the overall photographer of the year. It is a great achievement and a personal triumph well worthy of congratulations. So pass by his site to drop him a line and check his wonderful gallery.

 Congratulations Nikolas

The Hunt by Nicolas Lotsos


  • Nicolas Lotsos on Jun 10, 2012 Reply

    Konstantinos congratulations for the nomination. This is a remarkable achievement on its own. You know it already.
    I really appreciate this post and your kind words.
    It could have been you or Emmanuel Coupe or some other other talented friend. You need a very good work to get to the finals and then a really good push of luck :) .
    I really wish you the very best because you have great devotion and you deserve it. I am very sure that very good things will come to the near future.

    Thanks again mate.

    Nicolas Lotsos

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