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The story of a dog

It was one of those mornings that the sun never makes an appearance in the sky dome. I was awake struggling to finish off a yesterday’s cigarette left in the ashtray, trying to choke down its stale taste with a coffee that was getting cold. I was sitting on a wide chair with my feet up near the hearth succeeding to maintain the heat I carried from bed and I was thinking. No, I wasn’t thinking I was absentminded and staring at the flames. Around me people were walking by, doing their daily morning chores, making me feel even more depressed for not doing anything at all. I was trying to excuse my idleness making myself believe that I am an artist and my job is to take photographs but little “me” on my right shoulder would argue “and why aren’t you outside trying to take pictures?” making my head hung more towards my chest looking at my belly, feeling even more useless. Read more →

Stop being a blind squirrel

In early June 2010 Maria and I were exploring mount Tymfi in Epirus Greece. Since it was our first time in that mountain we decided not to play it “wild” and chose as our accommodation the refuge there. Being quite early in the season we were left mostly by ourselves with occasional trekkers staying in only for a night only to move on to the trail the day after. Two days before our departure though an American couple arrived, Paul and Marcy, who had decided to bend their schedule by a day and enjoy the views some more. They said the aura of that place reminded them of Yosemite Valley but since I have never been there I don’t know if it was the ouzo talking or it was a valid statement. Read more →