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A morning cold and grey

Today I awoke way before the sun embraced my part of the world to take a stroll in the snowy landscape. It has become an almost daily ritual by now, hear a familiar song in the alarm clock, slowly open my eyes and reluctantly leave the warm embrace of my covers for my body to be accustomed to the still air of a cold room which has won the battle against the fire at the fireplace trying desperately with its last breath not to die. Yet today wasn’t like any other ordinary day, i felt cold yes but my heart was cold as well. She never came in my sleep last night you see and the cold began its journey from my heart all the way to my toes. I wrapped all the layers of clothes I could find in the dark around me disguising my self as an “onion”, grabbed my backpack and opened the door. Read more →

D800 Long Exposure in need of Therapee

About a month ago an issue was raised and discussed in Emmanuel Coupe’s blog about the noise that appears in long exposure photographs taken with the D800. We aren’t talking about the usual red and blue pixels which the camera handles remarkably well, we are talking about those white dots that litter the entire image and ARE visible on print which is what matters. A few samples were sent to me and they all showed the same behavior so it can’t just be a bad batch. Users of the Nikon D7000 which has the same pixel density sensor as the D800 also told me that they were experiencing the same issues and were forced to always use Long Exposure Noise Reduction (LENR) from the camera menu though this I can’t confirm since I have never taken a LE photograph with a D7000. Read more →

Stop being a blind squirrel

In early June 2010 Maria and I were exploring mount Tymfi in Epirus Greece. Since it was our first time in that mountain we decided not to play it “wild” and chose as our accommodation the refuge there. Being quite early in the season we were left mostly by ourselves with occasional trekkers staying in only for a night only to move on to the trail the day after. Two days before our departure though an American couple arrived, Paul and Marcy, who had decided to bend their schedule by a day and enjoy the views some more. They said the aura of that place reminded them of Yosemite Valley but since I have never been there I don’t know if it was the ouzo talking or it was a valid statement. Read more →